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The Original Modular Build

✔  Dual Compressor System
✔  (2
) Compressors at 250-500 HP each
✔  Air Treatment Not Included
✔  12' x 40' Enclosure Footprint

The dual compressor system at 250-500 HP each comes standard without air treatment, within our 12' x 40' sized enclosure.

Estimated Base Pricing:

(starting at)

  • 300 HP :

  • 400 HP :

  • 500 HP :




* These base prices serve as an estimate. Actual price will be established after you complete the following customization form and our engineers assess your project details in full.

Customize this build:

To begin, please provide your contact details. We'll associate this info to your build inputs so that we can easily assist you at any point during customization.
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